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The strawbale building replaces a previous theater used to entertain soviet troops, which has been abandoned for two decades. NO99 explores the possibility of reinvigorating this historically important site in a sustainable, but still dramatic way. Perched high on a hill, the theater is long, rectangular, and wraps around a moderate grade.

Because it is only designed for summer use, Salto made no arrangements to cover or insulate the building. Instead, they left it raw, reinforced the straw bales with stable steel trusses, and spray-painted it black. Also included on the site, increasing its earth-loving appeal, are numerous outdoor activities including an oversized chess board, table tennis, swings, and a baking oven. We love this project: although it’s not super fancy and doesn’t incorporate high-flying technology, it is definitely borne out of a respect for nature. And ultimately, that’s what we’re all about.

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