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In a country where bamboo reigns king as a construction material, the use of structural steel can seem like a strange and inhospitable choice for a home. But Junsekino Architect and Design challenges that perception by giving the Tin Man house a fresh and fun vibe achieved through a vibrant interior color palette, wood accents, and a light-filled open-plan layout. The three-story home also includes unique spaces like a spider web-like rest area suspended in the air and a relaxing rooftop vertical garden and patio that boasts panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline.

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The Tin Man’s ground floor comprises parking facilities and the common areas like the kitchen and living room, while the second floor contains the working study and closet. The bedroom is located on the third floor. Since the building faces west, the architects mitigated temperature fluctuations by installing a double wall for insulation on the west facade. Inside, the west façade is attached to a large floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that extends from the second floor to the third floor. Elegant glass louver windows were installed to ventilate the building.

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