In today’s economy, men need brains, not just brawn to succeed. This is an unfortunate dilemma considering schools today may be failing to provide boys with the know-how needed to be successful in school. A new paper, recently published by Third Way, a Washington research group, discusses the major gaps found between the behavioral skills of young girls and boys and their grades. The differences start in kindergarten, with girls being significantly more attentive, better behaved, more sensitive, more persistent, more flexible and more independent than young boys. But it doesn’t end there. Teachers say that by the 5th grade, the gap between boys and girls grows bigger and the trend continues into adulthood. More than just a school issue, The New York Times points out that, “in an economy that rewards knowledge, the academic struggles of boys turn into economic struggles. Men’s wages are stagnating.” Census data makes it clear that males are struggling economically when compared to their female peers, whose median inflation-adjusted earnings have gone up 35 percent over the last quarter-century while male earnings have remained entirely stagnate during the same time period. Keep reading to learn why schools need to better meet the needs of young boys if we want the economy to improve.


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