This remarkably dexterous prosthetic arm goes far beyond the accomplishments of many an advanced level LEGO Technics buff. The LEGO constructed limb uses LEGO motors, pneumatics and the classic blocks, to create a detailed prosthetic which replicates human movement with a surprising level of fluidity and complexity. Created by Max Shepherd — a student who describes the limb as being able to do some cool stuff — his video demonstration of the arm’s 12 degrees of freedom has attracted quite a YouTube following. Watch it after the jump!

The above the elbow prosthetic arm has limitations that would prevent it from being put to practical use — it cannot lift more than a couple of pounds, and with details such as individually operated fingers, it requires a number of switches, joysticks, a compressor and hand pumps to operate. But as a project intended as an experiment to accurately mimic the full range of human motion while maximizing the speed and power of the LEGO prosthesis it’s pretty remarkable.

+ Max Shepherd

Via The Daily Mail