We have fawned over The Green School in Bali many times before, and they have wowed us once again. Overseen by Indonesian firm PT Bamboo Pure, students and visitors constructed a bamboo bridge in only four months! The hand-built Millennium Bridge consists of 192 bamboo poles to symbolize the world’s numerous countries and was entirely funded by donations. The team not only used local materials, but also implemented ancient and traditional building techniques, including a lalang-alang thatched grass roof.

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The Green School is an international holistic learning center for people to visit and collect sustainable practices and principles. The 20-acre campus runs solely on solar, micro-hydropower, and bio-diesel power, making the construction of this beautiful bridge incredibly hands-on, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Bamboo is not only affordable and durable, but many believe it to hold up better to weather extremes like earthquakes due to its flexibility and strength. The bridge now connects the school’s many facilities and showcases the power of teamwork and sustainable building.

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images © The Green School, Green Village Bali, and Nic Robinson

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