Who says electric vehicles can’t out-muscle internal combustion engine cars? A racing team from the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands just blasted past the zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration world record in an unbelievably fast time of 2.15 seconds. The previous world record was 2.68 seconds. According to Wikipedia, the DUT racing team not only hold the world record for EVs, but for all cars with the next fastest being the Ariel Atom V8, which held the previous fastest time since 2010 at 2.3 seconds.

Image © Bobo Boom

The students broke the world record in their self-built racing car DUT12 with full four-wheel drive and weighing only 145 kg (329 lbs). The car was built for the Formula Student competition, an annual student engineering event held in the UK. The vehicle also won the unofficial World Championship at the Hockenheim circuit in Germany.

“We made the car a little lighter where possible, but the major difference lies in the electric motors. In the Formula Student competition, they were only allowed to produce 114 horsepower. The motors we used now are actually much more powerful, which means we had to limit them during the race. Now we used the maximum power. That totals 135 horsepower, about 33 horsepower per motor and almost one horsepower for each kilogram of weight,” said racing team member Gihin Mok.

The female driver who broke the record is 24-year-old Marly Kuijpers.

Via Phys.org

Lead image via JaegerMonster