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The bubble-like Korkeasaari Zoo’s lookout tower consists of two levels wrapped around with a wooden grid shell left open at the top. Made completely out of local laminated timber, it was treated with non-toxic linen oil that protects the wood from aging and UV rays. It was hand-built in only three months, using the energy-efficient steam bent technique and assembled on site.

To build the tower tower, the students first made 3D-computer models and from that, scale models to carefully explore the structural details. When the small models were tested, they created a laborious two-meter-high one to five model before building the 10-metres high standing tower. A visible landmark in the Helsinki sea line, the see-through tower establishes a top connection between people and the environment.

+ Korkeasaari Zoo

+ Avanto Architects

Via A AS Architecture

Photos by Jussi Tiainen, HUT Photography Laboratory