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Adding to the project’s mystique, Régis Golay captured the essence of each container in a series of surreal images. In one, the 18 students’ bodies are enveloped in a white blanket of sorts, leaving only their hands and faces inside a cordoned-off section of one of the shipping containers called The Committee. This is where the group takes collective decisions. Another container features re-purposed car parts and another was decked out and partition using rapidly renewable bamboo.

It’s impossible for us to go into the details of each container, but we definitely urge you to visit the university’s website for more information. What we can tell you is this: after experimenting with their concept on campus, where they investigated sound, energy, sleeping and eating patterns, the students are taking the Commune on the road. Swiss residents who participate in the country’s notorious cultural events and festivals will have a chance to experience this enigmatic project themselves. And who knows, maybe a few will be compelled to make their own?

+ Geneva University of Art and Design

+ Bureau A

images via Régis Golay