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The “Mushroom Community Campus,” as it is known, makes use of earth-air tunnels to reduce the need for air-conditioning, along with rainwater harvesting to slash water consumption. These features mimic naturally occurring systems such as a cluster of mushrooms in the wild.

Beyond recreated natural systems, the site also makes use of photovoltaic panels and solar water heating, enabling the campus to be almost completely self-sustainable and reducing its carbon footprint by more than 70 percent. Serving as a vocational training and research center focused on environment, agriculture, forestry, education and sustainability management, the campus will no doubt be a breeding ground for other projects just like it.

The project was so impressive that it won this year’s International Tropical Architecture Design Competition held alongside the annual International Green Building Conference in Singapore. Design team members Pham Huu Loc and Ng Pui Shan from the National University of Singapore and Hoang Van Anh from the University of Melbourne clearly have a promising future ahead of them in the world of design.

+ International Tropical Architecture Design Competition

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