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In order to promote sustainable tourism at KSEVT, the team created a site-specific exhibition that aims to simulate an experience of levitation. The 3D sleeping structures were developed over the course of three weeks as part of a “nanotourism” workshop in the small town of Vitanje in Slovenia.

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The students and project director Aljoša Dekleva developed the project in collaboration with Jan Boelen, director of Ljubljana’s Biennial of Design (BIO 50), KSEVT director Miha Turšič and Nikola Radeljković of design studio Numen/For Use, a team famous for using clear packing tape to create incredible human-sized inhabitable spider webs.

+ The Cultural Center of European Space Technologies (KSEVT)

+ AA Visiting School Slovenia

+ Numen/For Use

Via Dezeen

Photos by Ajda Schmidt