The young students at Kingdown School in Wiltshire, England are wise beyond their years, having built the car that was the winner of the Mallory Park Mileage Marathon. The amazing energy efficient car beat out the other contestants by more than 1,000 miles per gallon! The students’ vehicle attained the equivalent of 1,980 miles on just one gallon of fuel.

Driven by one of Kingdown’s 14-year-old students, the car beat 20 other competitors from neighboring schools. The entire car is as light weight as its driver, Sam Chapman-Hill, weighing around 90 pounds. Made from glass-reinforced plastic, the vehicle resembles an aerodynamic bobsled, appearing to hover above the ground.

The Mallory Park race tests fuel efficiency over speed, with a ground rule that vehicles must travel above 15 miles per hour. The Kingdown School is no stranger to victory. In 2009, students placed first and second in the Shell Eco-marathon Schools Initiative Class. Despite their big win at Mallory, the Kingdown students are already improving upon their model for next year’s challenge, starting by working on upgrading the engine.

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Via BBC News