Art students in Germany converted an electrical tower outside of Hattigen into an impromptu art installation with vibrant panels of stained glass. Lechtturm (which means Lighthouse in German) glitters from afar, casting an array of colors on the lush green landscape. The project, created by students Ail Hwang, Hae-Ryan Jeong and Ching-Ki Park, turned an otherwise ugly structure into something both beautiful and utilitarian.

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Traditional electrical towers are a familiar site around the world, dotting our landscapes in never-ending rows and connected by lines that bring power to our cities and towns. The metal structures are overlooked or ignored, blending in with the background as seen from a passing car. This tower is located on a particularly idyllic plot of land, perched in a meadow clearing outside of a forest and on the edge of a small body of water. A bike path snakes by the tower, hugging the water, and making for a picturesque scene.

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Outfitted with triangles of vibrant color, the ordinary tower now commands new attention from passerby. Like Tom Fruin’s gorgeous stained glass water tower, its colored panes made from carefully cut Acryglas shine in the sunlight, mimicking the stained glass of a cathedral. Visible from a distance, the installation beckons cyclists to head to the clearing where it stands, where they can relax by the water’s edge and take it in.

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Images ©Gunter Pilger, ©Klasse Maik, and  ©Caroline Wenegeler