In the past year, we’ve witnessed a large growth of composite applications in architecture. Last year we covered the IIT College of Architecture’s FIBERwave Pavilion. This year, professor Alphonso Peluso, who led the project, wanted to start a new project to replace an existing relic at the school: a 1990’s full scale two-story glass and steel curtain wall mock-up that was used for teaching architecture students about curtain wall design and construction. The mock-up has fallen out of fashion and has been left untouched for a number of years. This semester’s plan was to retro-fit a portion of the facade mock-up with carbon fiber. While last year’s project was funding via crowdsourcing, this year the school is relying on donated or discounted materials. After some trial and error over the semester, and a contest to determine the winning final design, the students created the idea of creating panels using wood molds and carbon fiber covered in primer, called CARBONskin. “I’ve… been given renewed enthusiasm about what my students and I will accomplish in the future with the support of so many in the composites industry who are interested in our work and are supporting us on this project,” said Peluso.

+ IIT College of Architecture

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