An often-overlooked tenet of the green design process is the creation of objects that tell a story, that have a history, and that engage with the user to extend their life span beyond the disposable and ephemeral. Donna Piacenza of Studio 1a.m. (the creative genius behind eco-friendly jewelry like the Cork Cuff and Industrial Bloom) has just produced a new table concept that does just this, flirting with the boundaries of mass production and customization. The table concept, titled ‘This Table Will Self Destruct,’ is a simple, clean-lined design constructed of sorghum and concrete. With each order, a “pixel” is removed from the design, so that each owner receives a different, progressively deconstructed iteration of the original table. After x number of productions, the table will cease to exist. The table raises some interesting questions of sustainability, durability, disposability, and the mass production design market.

This table will self destruct, Studio 1a.m., Donna Piacenza, Studio 1am, eco-friendly furniture, green furniture design 2

We’ve seen this type of customization-amidst-mass-production approach in Dutch design before, and we’re interested in its unique approach to green design (it’s a more user- and socially-oriented approach than one of materiality). From a material standpoint, the table is made from Kirei, one of our favorite eco-friendly materials, and the ever-durable concrete, whose green properties are debatable (though you could argue that its durability alone lends itself to less disposable objects and extended object lifespans). But the real interest lies in the table’s ability to tell a story about mass production and its history and future as different versions of the same thing. The fact that each user receives a unique item makes the table special, giving it a type of heirloom quality that should increase an owner’s attachment to it. Either way, we love the idea of combining mass production techniques with customization, and the fact that ‘This Table Will Self-Destruct’ creates an inherent limited edition of one-of-a-kind objects.

+ Studio 1a.m.