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Zerim-Liftan approached 200404 studio to assist them in revitalizing their 17 year old brand. Zerim, hebrew for “Bouquets”, is the store’s magnificent flower shop; and Liftan, hebrew for “Compote”, is the specialty food section. The tiny 24/7 shop offers small, uniquely packaged pieces of the store’s varied collection of products including homemade chocolates, coffee, and gift boxes hand crafted by local artist Dganit Dahan.

The green milk crates along the shop walls are recycled from another well known Israeli company, Tnuva dairy, while other boxes and baskets are collected from local deliveries and nearby businesses. Part of the shop’s unique appeal is the ever-changing window display made with moveable modular pieces and shelves.

Surprisingly, there is no shopkeeper at Zerim-Liftan 24/7 and the company calls it “a game of real trust.” Credit card machines are placed at the doors for customers to check themselves out at any time, day or night. Along with the rotating displays, different gift baskets and packages continue to surprise shoppers, offering new and exciting products each week.

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