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The bales of recycled paper used to construct Studio Andrew Todd’s theater will consist of old magazines, newspapers and office paper. The colorful bales will be stacked and assembled in a circular form on the scaffolding shelves, creating a thick wall that deflects exterior sound from the performances going on inside. Additional cardboard and bamboo flank the exterior, providing additional structural support.

The circular theater is topped with a tent-like roof made from recycled circus tent material stretched taut over a bamboo frame. The center of the circus tent reveals an oculus, which lets natural light into the theater, eliminating the need for ambient light other than stage lighting.

From the outside, the theater appears both structured and chaotic. The bamboo frame suggests order, while the fuzz of the colored shredded paper bales alludes to the artistic creativity of the performances going on inside.

+ Studio Andrew Todd

Via Collacubed