As far as flexible furniture goes, the folding chair is as old as they come, the first one dating back literally thousands of years. You don’t expect to see much innovation in such a well-established category, but Dror Benshetrit of Studio Dror has managed to invent something new.

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The Pick Chair is an idea whose simplicity makes it seem obvious – it’s a perfect expression of functional art. The wood veneer chair, built over a hinged metal structure, hangs flat on a wall when not in use. The surface of the seat can be engraved with a graphic image that transforms it into a decorative object when folded flat. To turn it into a chair, you simply take it off the wall and set it on the ground. The hinges pivot to form a base, seat, and back.

The chair is being produced by Italian company Gruppo Sintesi, debuting in Milan this April. Pricing information is currently unavailable.

+ Studio Dror Posted by Scott from Housefish