Located 90 miles away from Santiago, Chile, the city of Chimbarongo has managed economic growth since the beginning of the century thanks to its mimbre tradition. However, this craft is steadily disappearing as young people turn to work in the fields searching for better working conditions and higher wages. In hopes of saving the tradition, Studio Eggpicnic is giving mimbre a contemporary sculptural update with their Amalia seat. The new mimbre construction aims to bring the age-old material to modern times by using it to create unexpected organic forms that are fit for any home or occasion.

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The Chilean city of Chimbarongo — known as “The capital of mimbre” — is about to loose its artisanal tradition of making furniture and objects from the lean plant. The technique of collecting, boiling, peeling and hand waving mimbre cannot adapt to current times and the economic system. So in an effort to revitalize the methods and low-impact material, Studio Eggpicnic have worked with local mimbre masters in the creation of a strong, curvaceous and eye-catching seat.

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Photo © Paolo Remedy