Blueware Vases is a collection of white and blue ceramics inspired by traditional British Blue Willow housewares. Handmade by design Studio Glithero, this violet earthenware captures the delicate silhouettes from flowers and weeds found between the cracks of London’s pavements streets. Far from being painted, they were ‘magically’ colored by cyanotypes, a process of capturing direct impressions of botanical specimens on earthenware, using chemicals sensitive to light.

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Studio Glithero is comprised of British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren who met while studying at the Royal College of Art. They create wonderful products, furniture, and time-based installations by mixing disciplines and experimenting with time and transformation.

For their Blueware Vases collection, they collected, pressed, and dried found weeds and delicately stuck them onto the containers‘ surface. Working with light sensitive chemicals, the objects are then exposed under ultraviolet light, which develops a white photogram of the specimen in intense Prussian blue. Using a common blueprinting technique -widely used for copying architectural plans- this Anglo-Dutch duo achieved a traditional looking effect through conceptual edgy thinking.

If you liked Blueware Vases, you can vote them for this year’s Brit Insurance Award and the Dutch Design Awards.

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Photo © Studio Glithero