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In 2009, Droog introduced ‘House of furniture Parts’ by Studio Makkink & Bey, a development of the studio’s Stairhouse in Droog’s New York store. The system of architecture, furniture and storage was designed to adapt to the needs of the people who were using it. Sheets of plywood were CNC cut to for a miniature house that could stand within larger interiors of offices, studios and lofts. The sheets were further CNC cut to create parts of furniture that would be assembled and used as necessary. Each wall is clearly labeled with numbers to help assemble the parts together into stools, benches, tables and more.

The functionality of the space is changed depending on what furniture is assembled and used. “If it is a studio, tables and desks will come out. If it is a film house, a projection screen with benches and stools will come out. If it is a children’s home, small furniture with cars, animals and a playground will come out,” says Jurgen Bey. The House of Furniture Parts transports flat and can be made to suit different functions, as well as produced locally or customized.

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Images ©Nicoló Degiorgis