Studio Osk are the brains behind this amazing shape-shifting pavilion, which is set to take shape this summer in Berlin. The creative public space will rise in the ZK/U sculpture park, and it will host temporary exhibitions by a range of international artists in addition to workshops and performances. To meet these needs Osk designed a lively platform that can be transformed into different forms for any occasion.

Since the space must be adaptable, the team designed the pavilion’s structure as a web of scaffolding and other construction materials. At the start the pavilion will take the form of a simple cube wrapped in orange security mesh. But from this solid base, the whole structure can be adjusted to serve multiple functions. It will be possible to alter the space by opening and closing it, and lifting and shifting different elements.

The Melbourne-based team explores the relationship between architecture and local culture, which involves critical approaches to social needs, sustainability and site context. This fantastic response to the ZK/U site has already reached its crowdfunding goal, and it will provide space for a summer of creative activities.

+ Studio Osk

Images via Studio Osk