Half man, half machine, Studio Re-Creation‘s Transformer sculpture is ready for action. Designed by Studio Re-Creation, this 6.5-foot-tall figure was made from an old recycled Lada Samara Diva car. Sculpted, welded, and constructed by hand, The Transformer upcycles a small economy Russian car into a robot action hero.

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The old Lada Samara Diva car was Studio Re-Creation’s first car, and this 200 pound structure is now proudly standing as a Transformer within their Netherlands‘ studio. Even though the car was recycled into another shape with different meaning, the sculptural piece comments on the art of recycling and the relationship between man and machine. In the designer’s own words, “The Transformer stands in a position of ready surprise. He is in the moment between knowing what he was and knowing what he has become.”

+ Studio Re-Creation

Photo © Nikola Nikolov