Studio Renier Winkelaar’s new wooden table, Craft 2.0, takes cues from furniture of the past that was built to stand the test of time. Inspired by the lasting design of traditional Dutch windmills, Winkelaar designed an adjustable table that is held together with windmill-style gears. Made entirely without nails or screws, the table can extendwith a simple turn of the gears.

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In his quest to design a table that would last longer than the lifespan of an average computer, Winkelaar decided that this durable piece of furniture should also be made of only one material. He began to study Dutch windmills, which have lasted hundreds of years and are made up of a series of wooden gears and connections, and employed this to the table’s design.

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Using a special logo-inscribed crank, the beautiful piece can transform from a table for four to a table for eight. The versatile design can also be used as a desk, activity table, or even a work bench. Made from durable oak, it arrives in its natural color, but can be stained to darker hues to suit personal tastes.

Going back to the basics, the Craft 2.0 table is meant to be the anti-IKEA furniture piece, created in a basic design that will withstand furniture trends. Without the additions of metal screws, nuts, and bolts, the table is unified, held together sturdily with proven traditional design.

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