Studio Rygalikestimates that all the food thrown away in Vienna could easily feed half the population of the Austrian city of Graz. With this in mind, the studio created a series of furniture pieces — dubbed “Baguette Tables” — made entirely from sturdy, old bread. Designed to raise awareness about food waste, the Warsaw-based creative’s work is anything but stale.

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Created for a past edition of the Vienna Design Week, the aptly named “Bread Experience” event offered its visitors bread dishes served on robust bread tables.  In addition to highlighting how badly Europe manages its food waste, this set of bread-tables also exposes how easy and economical it is to make use of objects that are already available at hand — even if they are past due.

Studio Rygalik aims to develop a wide variety of limited edition projects for companies, that maintain a good balance between the commercial and the experimental.

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