During the London Design Festival, Studio Tord Boontje launched ‘Lightweight’, a collection of eco-friendly Luminaires that challenge the assumption that all lamps must come with a heavy base for support. The main structure of the piece is bamboo, with copper fittings securing the light fixture and cord, and a base that consists of a copper basket that can be filled with rocks, water bottles, or other heavy objects that can provide the lamp with stability.

The main concept for these green lamps is to save on costs and waste related to transporting a heavy lamp base. The shades look like Japanese washi paper but are actually made from translucent Tyvek (the same durable material used for mailing envelopes) screenprinted by hand with an illustration of cherry blossoms. The copper fittings and coils reference the electric elements of the lamp.

An experiment in local sourcing and production, the bamboo is from Scotland (who knew, right?), the copper from Manchester, England, and the Luminaires are all self-produced on demand in Studio Tord Boontje‘s East London workshop.

Part of the Shoreditch Design Triangle, the lamps were shown alongside works from fellow East Londoner, shoe designer Tracey Neuls.

+ Studio Tord Boontje

Photos by Charlene Lam for Inhabitat