At Inhabitat, we are always on the hunt for unusual new materials, as well as novel uses of old ones. Recently, we’ve been spotting some very original contemporary jewelry from creative designers who revive discarded materials from industrial manufacturing processes, and turn them into eye-catching accessories.Studio1am makes beautiful pieces from materials like cork and Hytrel (a high tech thermoplastic elastomer) – materials which until now have generally remained confined to the realm of mundane household products. Their Industrial Bloom collection, featured below, turns Hytrel into a shell-like ornament for necklaces, bracelets and rings.


While in a machine shop owned by her father, designer Donna Piacenza noticed that the plastic shavings falling from one of his tools resembled a flower blossom. She gathered a box of shavings to take to her own shop, and alongside design partner Jody Work, managed to shape the shavings into custom jewelry for an upcoming wedding.

The designers have since taken many more boxes full of the flowery machine scraps to create their delightful, delicate collection of jewelry. The delicate white plastic stands in contrast to dark rubber cording, which acts as the fastener, as well as the stem of each flower.

More information on Hytel can be found at the Dupont Plastic Site


Check back this afternoon for a profile on Studio1am’s cool cork jewelry.