A dazzling LED flower chandelier has blossomed in Wujin, China, brought to life by Studio505 at the Lotus Conference Center. The colossal structure is a beacon of light for visitors, standing at a whopping seven meters tall and incorporating four hanging petals that surround a central column of light. The chandelier is made from a rigid frame of welded rod and flat laser cut acrylic panels which include a LED-illuminated droplet at each tip to encase the leaf structure.

studio505, droplet chandelier, led installation, light sculpture, LED structure, sustainable design, green art

LED strips run the full length of the structure in order to project light into the acrylic petals. The technical design also includes programmable single point LEDs within the droplets to help create a sparkling effect. The team collaborated with Beijing-based BAM (Ballistic Architecture Machine), an international landscape architecture, design and construction company, who developed and manufactured the light itself.

+ Studio505

+ BAM (Ballistic Architecture Machine)

Images courtesy of Studio505