There is nothing we like seeing more than people reusing everyday materials in new and creative ways. For example, what if the baroque, opulent design of a chandelier could be created not by hanging hundreds of crystal ornaments on the outside – but instead by using the functional components of the lamp itself? StudioMold’s Electric Princess Spagehetti Chandelier does just this – its clever design is fashioned purely out of looping and knotting the chandelier’s electrical cable over and over through a piece of perspex (plexiglass).

In our minds, this is the perfect combination of wit, innovation and efficiency in product design. Why use any more material than you have to? And – not only does the Electric Spaghetti Princess take the cake for smartest reappropriation of electrical cable that we’ve ever seen – but the name alone deserves an award.


Studiomold is a multi-disciplinary network of creative designers, headed by UK designers Vanessa Battaglia and Brendan Young. The studio’s focusses on developing original designs for furniture, products and exhibitions, with an emphasis on witty re-appriopriations of found /everyday objects. In 2004 Studiomold was awarded the British Interior Design Association Award for outstanding design and was recently listed as one of the top 10 design studios of the future by 100% Design UK.