Thousands of papers written by scientists over the last twenty years are in agreement that man-made carbon emissions are the driving force behind climate change. Geologist Dr. James L. Powell of Oberlin College took on the arduous task of filtering through 13,950 papers written on the subject, concluding that just twenty-four of them did not support this fact. Spanning as far back as January of 1991, 99.83 percent agreed that humans play a major role in global warming.

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With all the recent talk in the news surrounding climate change, this may not seem like a surprising analysis, but scientists of the early 1990s may have taken a bit more convincing. Surveys similar to Powell’s have been collected in the past few years, but none as in-depth as the amount of papers reviewed in his study.

The 13,950 papers reviewed included data by 33,690 researchers, while other studies were on a smaller scale of 1,372 researchers. Yet the statistics for each study remains the same, roughly 98 percent of the scientists involved agreed that man is heating up the planet. Anthropogenic climate change, or man-made global warming, has been a hot topic in recent years, and these paper analyses only further support that the issue is no longer a theory but a real problem.

It’s hard to say whether global climate change would be stalled if we had listened to the inquisitive scientists of 1991, but Powell’s findings provide evidence for those who still don’t believe in global warming.

Via Huffington Post