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To capture the likeness and detail of Elrond’s Elvish realm, Finch and Frank spent hours watching the Lord of the Rings movie frame by frame to figure out how each of the buildings fit together. Like real life landscape architects, the duo began their building process by figuring out topography and carefully selecting vegetation types to set the stage for Rivendell. To highlight how important the landscape is to the project, they showcased the landscape in a colorful four-season transition.

Since Tolkien’s Rivendell is characterized by curvaceous rooflines and intricate details, Finch and Frank were forced to seek out rare and expensive LEGO pieces and experiment with different builds for challenging areas such as the iconic tower from Arwyn’s building. The finished work, which measures 10 feet by 5 feet, was build atop 32 baseplates, with 20 built by Finch and 12 built by Frank.

Since Finch and Frank lived an hour apart in the Seattle area, they worked on each section independently before piecing it all together. Collectively, the two artists spent approximately 2,000 to 2,200 hours to complete the massive LEGO Rivendell. You can see more pictures of the project on Finch’s Flickr.

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Images via Alice Finch