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Virtue of Blue, Jeroen Verhoeven, solar chandelier, solar cells, solar butterflies, solar light

On display now at London Gallery, Blain|Southern’s Virtue of Blue chandelier measures 144 x 144 x 162 mm in size and is composed of cesium solar cells, a hand-blown glass bulb, and steel and aluminum structural elements. The butterfly solar cells are self-sustaining as they absorb daylight to power their own illumination. Four different breeds of butterflies flutter around the flame-like glass bulb in the center of the chandelier.

Virtue of Blue is part of a solo exhibit called The Curious Image along with Verhoeven’s highly polished steel Lectori Salutem desk. A wonder of electrical engineering, art and fabrication, Virtue of Blue is more than a piece of eco art or even a practical light fixture – it is a stunning work that gives testament to the power of nature and sustainability.

Via MocoLoco

Images ©Giulietta Verdon Roe and Bas Helbers