ZeroFootprint holds an annual competition for renovated buildings that showcase the most successful, holistic retrofitting projects of the year. This year’s eco retrofit winner was just announced and it’s a historic, previously defunct building in down town San Francisco. 355 Eleventh, retrofitted by Aidlin Darling Design, now has a completely new perforated zinc exterior, increased energy efficiency, more natural daylight, and even a LEED Gold certificate to tack on its walls.

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355 Eleventh was a previously derelict turn-of-the-century industrial building, which originally did have a metal skin. The retrofit included refurbishing the exterior and replacing it with a new corrugated and perforated zinc skin. This skin acts as a shade wall, letting air and light pass through and behind, decreasing the heat gain on the building. More natural daylight is let into the interior, but not enough for blinds to be needed.

New operable windows allow for cross ventilation through out the building. Inside, the renovated office building is light and airy, and utilizes reclaimed wood for the beams and ceilings. A 30kW solar array covers the upper roof area and harvests approximately 70% of the building’s annual electricity use. The lower ‘living’ roof is designed to reduce heat-island effect, slow storm water run-off and provide enhanced insulation. Enough upgrades were made that the building achieved a LEED Gold certification. The building currently acts as the office of San Francisco’s Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders.

+ Aidlin Darling Design

+ ZeroFootprint Re-Skinning Award

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