In the center of Stuttgart, Germany, lies an odd roundabout called Oesterreichischer Platz. Speeding traffic circles around it, and for the last 40 years no one has found much use for it, except as a parking lot. Now German designer Lars Behrendt has conceived of an incredible tower for the unused site that is comprised of 55 shipping containers stacked up like blocks. The Lotto Turm would function as a mixed-use development with a sphere at the top, which would be used to announce the city’s lotto numbers.

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The Lotto Turm tower will be constructed of 55 shipping containers stacked on top of each other, and will be designed to include a noise-free courtyard as well as a spiral pathway that circles around the building. Balconies, terraces, and stairs accent the tower from top to bottom, giving the stacked block structure a fantastical quality, and Gardens and plants will accentuate the varied vertical landscape. The public may enter and go all the way to the top of tower for a view of the city through the lotto sphere.

The tower may be used for office space and perhaps even residential apartments. One shipping container will be used as a swimming pool, with a sunning deck right beside it. The description also suggests that local prostitutes may also find a home for themselves here at the Lotto Turm. It certainly is an intriguing building, and its uses and inhabitants are likely to be every bit as interesting.

+ Lars Behrendt

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