Biosphere 2 never lasted too long, but there were certainly many lessons to be learned about living self-sufficiently, and even sustainably. UK-based designer Phil Pauley envisions another biosphere set in the ocean that would create a self-sustaining underwater habitat for aquanauts, tourists, and oceanographic life sciences. Made up of submersible spheres, Sub Biosphere 2 would maintain and support life while acting as a secure underwater seed bank.

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Pauley’s unique underwater habitat is designed to sustain all of its life support systems — air, water, food, electricity, and other resources — through an “innovative control of variant atmospheric pressures that occur at depth.” Eight living biomes surround a larger central biome that contains all of the control equipment, while the smaller biomes contain spaces where people live, grow food and more.

The large self-sustaining system can float on top of the water or submerge and travel along rails all the way to the ocean floor. Besides supporting and growing life, the biosphere also serves as a seed bank. Sub Biosphere 2 was designed by Phil Pauley and visualised by Pauley Interactive.