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How has design impacted your life? Is there a specific building, structure, city or object that is really important to you, that helped define you who are today? Perhaps you’ve traveled to distant lands to see incredible works of architecture or maybe the designs that inspire you most are right in your own home. How has design shaped your family memories and connected you to your heritage? We’re partnering with Federated Media to challenge you to send us your favorite photo memory showcasing a design that left an impression on your psyche. We’ll pick our favorite photo based on creativity, image quality and its ability to tell your story and the winner will take home a fabulous $500 Best Buy gift card! It’s easy to enter, and just think about how nice it would be to have an extra $500 to spend on your friends and family this holiday season, or maybe just buy an iPad for yourself!


1. Upload your favorite design photo(s) to and tag them #CapturedPhotoContest_Inhabitat.

2. Important note: Be sure to make your pics “public” so that we can see them.

3. Comment below with a link to your Flickr photo and a short description of what it is.

4. You may submit up to FIVE photos between now and December 24th. We’ll be judging them based on creativity, image quality and storytelling-through-photography. The contest ends on December 24th at 11:59PM EST and we’ll be contacting the winner through Flickr Mail around January 16, 2012.

TIPS on how to win:

– Pick creative, funny, thought-provoking photos that capture a favorite design memory
– You MUST include the hashtag #CapturedPhotoContest_Inhabitat
– Mark your photos “public” or else we can’t see them

Need an example? Here’s a photo from Inhabitat editor Yuka Yoneda that captures one of her favorite design family memories.

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“This photo was taken at the New York Botanical Garden earlier this year and it’s special to me for two reasons. First and foremost, my beautiful sister and lovely mom are in the shot, which is enough to make it visually captivating already, but secondly, check out the gigantic mass of chrysanthemums behind them. While a big bouquet of flowers might not sound overly impressive, if you look closer, every single one of those big white buds is actually emanating from a single stem! We’ve actually written about this extremely difficult and complicated Japanese flower-training technique, called Ozukuri, on Inhabitat before so it was truly a treat to be able to see it firsthand, while also learning more about our Japanese design traditions. If you’re a child of immigrants, you know it isn’t always so easy to learn about your parent’s cultural heritage. It may sound a bit cheesy but if you think about it, these chrysanthemums actually epitomize the bond between the members of a family. No matter how far out they grow, each single flower always remains connected to the rest of its kin at the roots – something that I think is very true of any family whether you’re as large in number as these buds or as few as my small clan.”

best buy photo contest, captured photo contest, jessica dailey, big bambu, big bambu met, metropolitan museum of art


“Taken last October at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this photo shows my boyfriend and I looking up at the wildly impressive Big Bambu structure. Created by artists Doug and Mike Starn, Big Bambu was a growing sculpture made entirely of bamboo tied together and climbing rope to form a labyrinth of pathways that took visitors some 50 feet above the roof of the Met. Big Bambu’s construction began in April, and the artist team added to it throughout the summer, so it continued to grow and change. Its organic nature made it more of an experience than sculpture, creating an interesting dialogue about the unexpected changes in our lives and how things that look so chaotic can be perfectly planned. As you can see, the day we went was overcast, so we were taking a bit of a chance, as they did not allow visitors into Big Bambu if it rained. But, we made it in, and I am so happy that we procrastinated until it was almost too late to go. Since we visited near the beginning of October, Big Bambu was practically complete, so we were able to experience it in its entirety. For an art and design lover, it was an amazing opportunity to be a part of such a unique temporary. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I wish the Met had made it permanent!

While we wait for you got get your favorite design memory photos up, we’ll be posting some of our own here so check them out. Good luck and we can’t wait to see the photos you cook up!

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