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creative re-purpose, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, anti-atomic shelter, internet facility-Albert France-Lanord Architect, Stockholm, Sweden, Granite, green-filled, light-filled,

This is definitely one of the most interesting examples of creative re-use that we’ve ever seen. AF-L (A) wanted to treat the rock as a living organism to which the humans had to adjust. They achieved this in part by wrapping circular offices in glass so that there is very little visual distinction between the office and the rock outside. In other cases, they had to clear out some of the rock in order to install the internet provider’s servers and other equipment. A long tunnel permits daylighting from outside, which is then buttressed with small spotlights illuminating select areas. And finally, loads of plants and shrubbery not only improve the subterranean air quality, but must also help the employees feel less claustrophrobic working so far below ground.

+ AF-L (A)

Via Architizer