There is no disputing that Brazilian fashion really sets the standard for sexy bikinis, Ipanema beachwear and curvy, nature-inspired design. With this weekend marking a high-wattage celebration of swimwear collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami, we are taking a little time out here in sweltering NYC – to celebrate all things Brazilian – Rosa Cha swimwear, a cool caipirinha drink with organic lime, ethanol made from sugarcane, recycled Melissa Shoes, and what the heck, Gisele Bündchen (she did once date Leonardo DiCaprio)! But not to be overlooked is the latest collection from Creollus designs. We were recently tipped off on their one-of-a-kind, banana fiber bikinis and eco-chic accessories. If going totally organic is truly your M.O. for flaunting what you’ve got, look no further as crocheted-pieces by Creollus will definitely reveal the real you!

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The Candice recycled banana fiber Collection by Creollus is a fair trade enterprise that promotes artisan-made goods and recycled, homespun resourcefulness. Their super-cute bikini, tote, and beach pieces are hand-crocheted by two women artisans from southern Brazil. The founders of Creollus wanted to find a viable use for the banana plant fiber that is often discarded after fruit harvesting. They consequently found an innovative way to sustainably prepare and crochet this strong and biodegradable fiber into stylish cover-ups, bikinis, totes, and brimmed sun hats.

Launched in 2001, Creollus has created an impressive network of Brazilian handcrafters who aid in the protection of the environment when creating these one-of-a-kind garments. The founder states,” At Creollus, we are making a real difference by creating a sustainable resource for commonly discarded but highly recyclable materials. Our entire company product inventory is born from techniques that equally value and respect a cleaner and healthier natural environment through the recycling of common commercial and household materials. In creating our company, we are enabling a unique group of sorely underserved artists to form a business cooperative that will significantly improve their standard of living, and give them an appreciative, worldwide audience for their craft.”

Be on the look out for Creollus in select boutiques soon! We will be sure to keep you posted!

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