SunOven has developed an easily transportable solar oven that offers an effective way to cook off the grid. The oven can be used to bake bread in the thick of the woods, and the company has launched an initiative to help those in developing countries cook food using solar power. SunOven has set up NGO programs in forty countries around the world to help orphanages and refugee centers provide cooked meals without electricity.

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SunOven is a multi-functional off-the-grid solar kitchen that works in any temperature—from the hot sun of Texas to the cold winters of Michigan, as long as the sun is up. Each kit contains a built in thermometer, leveling leg to make sure your food doesn’t spill and collapsible adjustable reflectors. You can even add on goodies like dehydrating and baking racks, stackable pots and a water pasteurizing indicator to fully use the power of the solar oven to its full potential. The kits also include a recipe books, ranging from cooking meats and mains to bread and dehydrated fruits.

With the convenience of cooking effectively just about anywhere (the ovens can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit), SunOven decided to bring their wares to aid developing countries. The company has partnered with governments to create initiatives and SunOven programs, specifically targeting orphanages and refugee programs in developing countries. The program will also create local assembly plants, which will provide jobs and reduce deforestation by producing the ovens locally. On a smaller scale, individuals can also share in their generous spirit by buying SunOvens for developing countries on the manufacturer’s website.

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