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Johanna Silver and Lauren Dunec Hoang designed the gardens and landscaping, and they put emphasis on drought-tolerant plants and stone to create a xeriscaped dream space. Described as “low water, high style,” the grounds are welcoming, featuring seating nooks and winding pathways for guests. The greenery makes the space come alive, but requires little care or H2O, making it perfect for the Cali location.

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The cottage is charming from the outside, but the interior is where the true marvels are found. Orlando Soria, Homepolish, and HGTV worked together for an interior design that did not disappoint. A boldly colored staircase is dotted with intricate patterns to become a centerpiece in the small cottage. The dining area has contrasting artwork and an inviting atmosphere. Designers utilized daylighting throughout the space, reducing the need for many light fixtures.

The New Backyard Cottage’s charm would provide respite and relaxation to any visitor, and the decorative inspiration one could draw from these grounds is simply endless.


+ Orlando Soria


+ Johanna Silver

+ Lauren Dunec Hoang

Images via Sunset