Next time you head to the park, consider bringing a Suntrica wearable solar charger. The Suntrica SolarBadge and SolarStrap are pocket-sized, durable, lightweight chargers covered in flexible thin film solar panels.

The SolarBadge and SolarStrap with battery store energy from their solar panels in an internal battery that can be used immediately or at a later date. The devices’ batteries have a storage capacity of 3.7 Wh, while the SolarBadge Pro has a capacity of 7.3 Wh. Suntrica’s battery can also be charged in a standard outlet or via USB. The SolarBadge and SolarStrap have a service voltage of 5 V–meaning they can be used to charge phones, GPS systems, media players, and more. Both devices can be attached either to your body or to a backpack. The badge has a hook and loop fastener and, as you might have guessed, the strap just straps on. Suntrica’s devices are far from the first portable solar power chargers, but their durability and versatility make them ideal for everyday use.


Via Goodcleantech