If you’re a fan of the Mini Cooper but want something a little greener, the Norwegian THINK car might just be your answer. It’s compact, it’s electric, it’s a zero-emissions zippy little car that’s a feat of design and engineering. Topping out at 100 km/hr and running for 180 km on a single charge, THINK is a lot of power for such a tiny thing. All the other systems are well-thought out too, with 90% of the energy going straight to the engine, compared to traditional combustion engines that lose up to 70% of their energy to heat and friction.

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The vehicles are currently only available in Europe, and are even backed by local and country-wide incentives in some instances. In London the Think City is exempt from the congestion charge, and in Italy access to certain city centers is only open to zero emissions vehicles. In Norway you can drive in special public transport lanes the entire way to work. It’s great to see well-designed electric cars like THINK getting the broader support they need.

If only we could get some THINK cars on the streets of San Francisco or New York!