Most people think that water and cardboard are don’t mix, but this new cardboard surfboard changes everything. Developed by Ernest Packaging Solutions and Signal Snowboards, this Cardboard Surfboard is the first of its kind – and it won’t disintegrate as soon as it touches the ocean!

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The amazing Cardboard Surfboard follows up Signal Snowboards’ previous project, the cardboard snowboard. While its shape and length are similar to an average surfboard, the beauty of the design lies deep inside. The board features a honeycomb cardboard core that makes it lightweight and more affordable than the average Styrofoam or Polyurethane designs.

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To make the design waterproof and sturdy, the cardboard is coated with a thin polyurethane coating and a layer of see-through fiberglass. In addition, since the honeycomb structure is very stiff and durable, the designers are able to sand it down into a streamlined and hydrodynamic shape.

+ Ernest Packaging Solutions

+ Signal Snowboards

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Photos by Signal Snowboards