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In addition to its glazed shell, the prefab Mima package comes complete with a handful of extra plywood panels that can be used to erect additional walls according to each person’s taste. These walls can be installed outside in order to permit or block solar gain as needed, or inside to create mini-rooms . Not only that, but it is possible to get panels that have two different colors on either side of them such that a simple rotation could completely alter the ambience or style of a room.

Made from prefabricated construction materials off site, the Mima is both affordable and extraordinarily easy and quick to install. Our friends over at CubeMe point out that the home resembles the Japanese ken, which mixes and matches screens, panels, and mats that are assembled or disassembled with great efficiency throughout Japan. They are filled with daylight, aesthetically pleasing, and suggest none of the discomfort one might associate with a program of this size. We think that owning a Mima would be an excellent way to accomplish our 2012 resolution to live more simply.

+ MIMA Architects

Via CubeMe