The ultra-light carbon fiber Vanhawks Valour bike uses sensors to warn you when cars enter your blind spots. The bike’s handlebars vibrate when it picks up nearby cars, and it has a Bluetooth connection that measures speed, distance and calories burned. All of this data can be accessed on the Vanhawks app for Android, iPhone and the Pebble watch. The student team behind Valour has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to further develop the concept – support it here!

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The bike was made by four students from Canada, two brothers and their two friends, and combines each of their strengths – from web development to product design. The team decided to use the emerging carbon fiber technology which, although present in bicycle design, still raises concerns in term of material durability. The group introduced an internal wall structure to the carbon fiber frame, which provides an extra layer that strengthens the structure.

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Valour bike gathers real-time data during a ride, including information about blocked streets, bumpy roads and other important characteristics of the taken route. All of the information is collected anonymously by different rides and is shared through the Vanhawks app to offer the best and most up-to-date biking route. The technology also includes an anti-theft feature that notifies cyclists if another Valour rider passes by the stolen bike.

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