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mnm.MOD’s building system relies on an advanced wall system made from recycled steel framing, incorporated insulation, and a mechanical chase to achieve high U and R values. Fabricated off-site, the walls are built according to the specifications of the house, then transported to the site and assembled there. This results in a high level of quality in fabrication, the elimination of waste and quick on-site assembly. As to the design of the home, mnm.MOD carefully plans each home according to the site, sun orientation, climate, shading and wind. The design is then translated into a series of walls that further optimize the design.

Superb-A House is a two bedroom home which features a music room and a jewelry studio on the 2nd floor. Ample outdoor living spaces expand the home and take advantage of Venice Beach’s climate. Completed in May 2011, the 2,400 sq ft home is also net-zero energy. If at the end of the home’s life it is torn down, the wall systems can be taken apart and fully recycled.

Images ©mnm.MOD