The Goodwood Festival of Speed is mostly about, well, speed, but fans of the British festival of all things automotive are anticipating that a new Honda hybrid will be at the event — and it will have plenty of power. These sketches of the Honda Mugen CR-Z hybrid show a supercharged, hybrid hatchback with nearly 200 horsepower – hit the jump for more details!

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With the forced induction of the supercharger, the output of the 1.4-liter iVTEC four-cylinder engine will be increased 50%, which put together with the electric motor will produce 197 horsepower with 181 pound-feet of torque. In short, that’s plenty of power to go with the Mugen’s wider stance, reduced weight, and aerodynamic body kit. While there are no plans to put this one-off car into production, consumer demand has changed manufacturers’ minds in the past, and this is one hot hybrid.

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