Have you collected so many plastic bags that you don’t know what to do with them?  New Sydney based design brand Supercylers recently launched their Plastic Fantastic range at  The Other Hemisphere Exhibition in Milan, and This Hemisphere Exhibition in Sydney, to showcase how we can upcyclevery ordinary waste products into extraordinary design pieces.

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Inspired by the colors of Italy, cute and colourful little vessels made from melted down plastic bags make up the range. They don’t just look pretty either – as they are watertight, you can pot a miniature cactus, display a freshly cut flower or simply decorate your window sill and watch the play of light through their translucent walls.

Supercycler Liane Rossler says of her designs, “We started Supercyclers because we wanted to look at using waste creativelyand immediately [and] encourage others to have some fun doing it.”

And with a name like Supercyclers, we think they may also have just coined a new word in the eco language vernacular too! Hurrah!

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Via State of Green