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There is a lot about this home that satisfies our deepest green desires. For starters, it was explicitly designed to fit in with the surrounding, rolling landscape, which consists of aloes and other succulents, and to prioritize nature over the built environment. This is particularly evident in the cut outs in each room that overlook the Pacific ocean. The curvilinear design is also less at odds with the site than a massive geometric home might have been.

Our main beef lies in material choice. On the one hand, the concrete-clad home is certain to insulate the indirectly-lit house, keeping energy use to a minimum, and it’s not a massive home either, but typically concrete has a high embodied footprint. The UK hobbit house by contrast is made entirely out of natural or recycled materials, which rocks our world a little more, as does the £3,000 price tag that is slightly more accessible to the general reader than Clark’s house. Even so, we like the idea of one of America’s favorite stars living as close to nature as this.

+ Phillip Jon Brown

Via CNN Money, Coldwell Banker