We are a team of South African artists who wish to support the people of Troyeville in downtown Johannesburg to raise up “iThemba Tower.” This is a 30 meter-high permanent art installation made with over 5,000 recycled plastic bottles (that will be a larger scale version of the project illustrated in these images), on a redundant communication tower. The project will collect & register an equal amount of messages from the community and the contributors to this campaign, and each each of them will become a “message in a bottle”. This project is about recycling and giving visibility to a less advantaged community in Johannesburg, by raising up a massive tower in which everyone participates. The bottles will be collected from the local informal waste collectors known in the streets of South Africa as ‘Zama Zamas.’ The project will also get the local schools involved, contributing to raise awareness about recycling among kids in Troyeville.

+ iThemba Tower on Indiegogo

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