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The skyscraper designed for London comprises six structural steel tubes that support two ramps and enclose different elements of the vertical flux-people, energy, waste, water and prefab modular steel elements. The elements are directly assembled on the top of the structure to extend the six pillars. It was envisioned as a vertical configuration made of open-plan and flexible spaces adapted to a wide range of programs.

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The shape of the skyscraper attempts to maximize passive energy and reduce artificial lighting, ventilation and cooling needs. Different programmatic elements are distributed vertically along the two ramps and are linked with bridges. The “endless” ramps weave and meander through the building and gradually rise from the ground floor.

Plazas and communal spaces located on multiple floors offer views of the city and create dynamic places of exchange as well as more intimate quiet areas. The overall design takes the configuration of the urban tissue below and blends the tower into the cityscape by blurring the line between horizontal and vertical communication.

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